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Samantha "Sam" Louise Michelle Fiddler was a woman who went missing in 2016 under unclear circumstances. She was originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She may use the alias's Lucy MorningStar, Samantha Lloyd or Samantha Steele.


  • Blonde hair, but she might dye it dark brown, black or red.
  • Green eyes.
  • She has a scar on her lip.
  • Her nose is pierced on both sides.
  • She has pierced ears.
  • Her navel and left eyebrow are pierced.
  • She has breast implants.
  • She had an abdominoplasty
    • She may still have scars around her navel as a result.
  • She has botox injections in her lips, and may still have scars from it.
  • She is of Cree Indian descent.
  • She has three tattoos:
    • Handprints and the names "Ava" and "Madison" on the back of her shoulder.
    • Flower on her foot.
    • Sleeve with the words "fierce mother".