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Ruth Jacobus
Ruth -Jacobus-73856 2.jpg
Age 76
Race White
Sex Female
Location Amador County, California
Disappeared June 7, 1989
Missing for 32 years
Height 5'
Weight 115 pounds
Classification Suspected accident

Ruth Alice Jacobus was an elderly woman who disappeared from California in 1989.


Ruth was last seen by her husband after he had dropped her off at their home in Amador County at approximately 12:00 pm. Investigators believe she may have wandered away from their home and hitchhiked or was abducted from the area.

The land surrounding Ruth's home features steep and rugged canyons. Yet, despite this, a full search including dogs, horses and a helicopter was carried out. The search yielded no trace of the missing woman. 

To this day Ruth's case remains unsolved.