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Rui Mendonça
Age 11
Race White
Sex Male
Location Lousada, Portugal
Disappeared March 4, 1998
Missing for 24 years
Height 150 cm
Weight 45 kg
Classification Suspected homicide

Rui Pedro Teixeira Mendonça was a boy who missing from Lousada, Portugal on March 4, 1998. It is believed that Rui may have been sold into a child pornography ring by Afonso Dias, an older "friend" of his.


Rui Pedro disappeared from Lousada, Portugal after asking his mother if he could go and play with 22-year-old Afonso Dias. His mother being uncomfortable with the large age gap between the two, she declined and told him to go play at an abandoned lot outside of the office she was working at.

Later on, his tutor called his parents saying he had not shown up, which was unusual for him. In the search for Mendonça that pursued after this call, his bike was found hidden in the woods where he had been seen riding his bike.

When Afonso Dias was first questioned about Mendonça's disappearance, he denied seeing him that day or knowing anything about his whereabouts. This was found to be untrue after several of Rui's friends stated to have seen them together that day.


There have been multiple possible sightings of Mendonça after his disappearance.

Alcina Dias

Alcina Dias is a prostitute who claimed that Afonso Dias had brought Mendonça to have sex with her the day he went missing. Alcina was told that he was 14 years old (the age of consent in Portugal). Soon after exiting Dias's car, Mendonça began to cry, telling Alicina Dias that he had been forced to come and meet her. After waiting for some time to pass, Alcina said she had brought Mendonça back to Dias' car where he drove off with Rui. 

The Wonderland Club

It is thought that Afonso Dias had sold Rui Pedro to a large pedophile ring known as the Wonderland Club. Amongst the hundreds of thousands of photos and videos confiscated in the bust of this ring, which depicted the abuse of 1,263 different children, a little boy who is believed to Mendonça can be seen. When showed to Mendonça's mother, she is said to have believed the boy shown in the photos was her son. Authorities believe he was murdered after being abused by his captors. 

Disneyland Paris

A young boy who is believed to be Rui Mendonça and an unknown man, presumably in his 40's, who was wearing a red jacket can be seen in pictures taken by several tourists visiting Disneyland Paris in April 1998. Even after these photos were taken to be looked at by authorities, no further leads ever came from them.