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Rory Kesinger
Rory Gene Kesinger.jpg
Age 24
Race White
Sex Female
Location Plymouth, Massachusetts
Disappeared May 27, 1973[1]
Missing for 48 years
Height 5'3
Weight 118 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Rory Gene Kesinger was a woman who disappeared in 1973 after breaking out of a Plymouth, Massachusetts jail. She had a lengthy history of drug use and other types of criminal activity. Aliases she used included "Jennifer Marie Lynn," "Linda Lynn Koch," "Penny Susan Johnson," and an alternate spelling of her last name as "Kessinger."


Weeks after being booked at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility, Kesinger broke out of custody on May 27, 1973, with the aid of a guard. She had been arrested for the attempted murders of two police officers in Pembroke, Massachusetts. She was initially arrested with members of an organized crime group she belonged to.

Police are suspicious that Kesinger was killed by members of the group following her escape for their own protection, and if she was, her body would have been disposed of locally. One of those arrested with her in 1973 claimed the rumor of Kesinger's murder was true.

Near the end of the 1980s, a possible link to the 1974 Lady of the Dunes case in Provincetown, Massachusetts surfaced. Police considered this a vital lead, and DNA information was collected in the years following. Initial comparison proved inconclusive; a 2002 test eliminated the possible match.


Kesinger has additionally been excluded from the following cases:


  • Brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • A history of drug use.


  • Kesinger's case was discussed in the 2009 book The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes by Michael Newton.[2]



  1. Many sources state Kesinger disappeared in 1974.
  2. According to some reviews on Google, some readers have expressed concerns of this book. As a result, some information regarding the circumstances of the case may be inaccurate.