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Roberto Ramirez was a man who was killed in an arson attack Sioux Falls, South Dakota on February 24, 1995. He used multiple aliases and a social security card with the name Roberto Plateado Ramirez and a birthdate of August 23, 1955 and a birthplace of El Paso, Texas was found on his body, although this was found to be fictitious.


The victim was attending a party at 231 South Spring Avenue. He passed out on a couch after drinking heavily much of the day. Meanwhile, after several confrontations at the party, Jose Garza became angry and burned the house down. The victim died from smoke inhalation but his remains were still recognizable. Garza would later admit to starting the fire and was charged with arson and murder.

According to witnesses, the victim was apparently an illegal immigrant who had lived in Sioux Falls for three weeks prior to his death. He had apparently lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota for five years before coming to Sioux Falls and may have had ties to Venadillo, Mexico based on his tattoos.

He was known to use the following names:

  • Juan M. Trinidad
  • Carlos Armando Trinidad
  • Juan Marquez-Trinidad
  • Juan Enrique Trinidad-Marquez
  • Juan A. Hernandez
  • Juan Hernandez-Rojas
  • Carlos Hernandez-Rojas
  • Cardenas Paulino Hernandez
  • Paulin Francisco Cardenas
  • Lorenzo Montefaro
  • Roberto Plateado Ramirez
  • Roberto R. Plateado
  • Carlos Benado
  • Carlos Bernardo


  • Black hair in "Fu Manchu" style.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Bullet wound on the right side back through the neck.
  • Tattoo of Sinaola left side of the chest.
  • Tattoo of Sinaola left hand between thumb and first finger.
  • Tattoo of the cross on left hand between thumb and first finger.
  • Tattoo of two hands praying with rosary on right upper arm.
  • Tattoo of a female wearing a hat on right side of chest.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black Levi jeans.
  • Brown cowboy boots, size 7 1/2 D.
  • Fictitious social security card with the name Ramirez, Roberto Plateado.
  • Silver ring that is horse shoe shaped with red and blue stones.
  • Oval shaped belt buckle that was made of pewter metal with a western type design of it of Texas long horn cattle and two cowboys herding cattle and had the letter "S" on it.
  • Silver ring with five star shapes and a moon shape on top.
  • Silver flat design ring with braided rope design on top.
  • Gold necklace with thick links.