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Ramsey County John Doe was a man whose decomposing body was found on the second floor of the abandoned JJ Hill Building in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1985. Because of the cold weather Minnesota experiences during winter, his body was frozen. He may have been homeless.

He may have died late the previous year or as soon as a couple of weeks prior to his discovery.


  • Brown hair, 6-8 inches in length.
  • Brown mustache and beard.
  • Although being facially recognizable, his eye color could not be discerned.


  • He wore several layers of clothing, including:
    • A green pullover shirt.
    • A green camouflage designed jacket.
    • A White parka.
    • A sweater.
    • Blue jeans.
    • A red scarf.
    • Brown gloves.
    • An orange cap.
    • Brown hiking boots.


  • A brown blanket was found next to his body
  • Also next to him was a duffel bag which contained:
    • A pair of gray running shoes.
    • Four pairs of pants.
    • Blue jeans.
    • A brown jacket.
    • A white jersey.
    • A white shirt.
    • A brown flannel shirt.
    • Several unmatched socks.
    • A maroon stocking cap.
    • Multiple sweaters.