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"Preble County Penny" was a female whose partial remains were discovered in Eaton, Ohio in 1968. She received her nickname from investigators. Genealogy testing is planned for the case, after a 2019 exhumation took place.


The disarticulated, unclothed remains were discovered after flooding in the area disturbed their original location. The body lacked its right forearm and right hand. Before this, the decedent had possibly been concealed in a shallow grave.

The time of the woman's death is unclear, as the remains were described as being "decomposed," implying a shorter postmortem interval if soft tissue was present. However, it is stated that Preble County Penny had died up to fifteen years before, and was possibly buried between a year to a year-and-a-half before the flooding took place.

After a potential match between Mary Jane Vangilder, last seen in 1945 came to light, Preble County Penny was exhumed from her grave in the Mound Hill Cemetery at the end of August 2019. Her skull had not been buried with the rest of the remains, and was kept aboveground by the original coroners.

Vanglider has yet to be listed as an exclusion in the case, although investigators stated they would seek genealogical research if the pair were not connected via DNA.

In January 2021, Redgrave Research Forensic Services announced their involvement in the case, after law enforcement requested their services. Genealogical research is planned to take place, after suitable DNA information is obtained.


  • It was determined that the female could have experienced problems if she underwent the process of bearing a child, after an initial examination took place.



  1. Based on the "badly decomposed" state of remains and mentioning of 1968 as a possible year of death.