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Port Moody John Doe was an unidentified man found deceased forty feet deep in the Reed Point Marina.


  • Several missing teeth that would've been noticeable to other people. He probably wore a partial upper dental plate when he was alive.
  • Extensive osteoarthritis in his neck, thoracic, and lumbar spine.
  • John Doe probably experienced chronic arthritic pain in his neck, shoulders, and spine.

Clothing and accessories

  • A white or gray, long-sleeved, military-style, cotton shirt from the brand Rapier. It had button-down epaulets over each shoulder, two buttoned breast pockets, and was made in Canada.
  • A short-sleeved t-shirt.
  • A blue or black, leather belt measuring 29 inches long.
  • Blue, cotton dress pants.
  • White, cotton underwear with "Property of Alberta Hospital Edmonton" printed on it. The underwear was from the Edmonton Psych Center.
  • White, blue, and red striped, cotton socks.
  • A plain, pocket-handkerchief.
  • A Bank of Montreal bank book.