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Pittsburg County John Doe was a middle-aged or elderly man found near railroad tracks in McAlester, Oklahoma in 1972.


A maintenance crew found the skeletal remains near a railroad outside McAlester while burning weeds in the right-of-way. Skeletal analysis indicates the decedent was a possible manual laborer with lower socioeconomic status and he might have died years prior to discovery.


  • Unknown hair color, but analysis in 1972 suggests Black in origin.
  • He was edentulous.
  • Old healed fracture of the nose extending posteriorly and superiorly from the inferior extremity of the intranasal suture to cross left nasal bone and frontal process of maxilla to the medial margin of the left orbital.
  • Complete fusion of C-4 and C-5 with wedging of C-6.
  • Osteoarthritis of lower back and hips.
  • Lower spine immobility.
  • Habitually held head forward and flexed.
  • Right-handed.


  • Scorched pieces of thin, finely woven, khaki-colored cloth.