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Pima County John Doe was a young man whose partial skeletal remains were located 4 miles south of Kitt Peak, Arizona (near Tucson) in 1976.


  • Dark brown hair, eight inches long.

Clothing and accessories

  • Hatchet and scabbard.
  • Green aluminum-framed backpack, 'Camp Trails' brand.
  • Orange plastic tarp.
  • Blue denim jeans.
  • Blue and red shirt.
  • 'Dunham' brand boots (Size 8)

2020 developments

His grave will be exhumed in the spring of 2020 because of a recent monetary grant to the medical examiner's office for DNA profiling of unidentified decedents.

Kenneth Dean Smith from Michigan, who was last seen in December of 1974, is considered to be a prospective candidate for this decedent's identity.