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Perry County Jane Doe, also known as "Girl with the Turquoise Jewelry" was a female found deceased in Perry County, Pennsylvania in 1979. 68 women have been ruled out as being the decedent.


The woman's skeletonized body was discovered along the Juanita River along a roadway. Her cause of death was never determined, but the circumstances of her recovery indicated foul play was involved.

Isotope testing was later performed on her remains, which suggested she had spent a significant amount of time in the Midwestern portion of the United States or Southern Canada when she was younger.

She had spent months preceding her death in the Southwestern portion of the United States before arriving in Pennsylvania.


  • Light brown to blond, straight hair (some sources dispute this and claim she may have had curly hair).
  • Good dental health with some fillings.
    • It appeared one molar was extracted earlier in life.
    • Fillings where made of silver.
    • While there is 'no evidence' that she had recieved orthodontic treatment the possibility couldn't be ruled out.
    • An additional molar was impacted.
  • A healed fracture to one of her ribs.
  • She may have had a 'petite' build in life.

Clothing and accessories

  • Tan jacket.
  • White blouse made of lace or a 'lace like" material.
  • Blue undershirt.
  • White or tan bra (A cup size)
  • Blue pants.
  • White and red socks.
  • White leather boots with buckles.
  • White-metal bracelet (Avon brand)
  • Native American-style, sterling silver ring with onyx and turquoise stone.
  • A matching set of turquoise earrings (teardrop shaped), a necklace, and a ring.
  • An additional sterling silver ring with a black onyx stone.



For the full list of exclusions, please view the NamUs page.



  1. The FBI page states her weight was estimated to be 170 pounds, which is not reflected by other sources.