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Pamela Mae "Pam" Buckley-Kennell (December 16, 1951 - August 9, 1976) was a young woman who was found shot to death in 1976. She was found alongside James Freund, believed to be her boyfriend, who also remained unidentified for 44 years. It was believed they both may have been from Canada and that they were traveling around the United States.

In September 2020, she and her companion's DNA was successfully extracted by Astrea Forensics with a specialized DNA extraction protocol and genealogical research began by the DNA Doe Project. On January 19, it was announced that she and her companion were identified, and they declined to release additional details.

It was later confirmed that both individuals were Americans who likely became acquainted as they hitchhiked. This victim was originally from Minnesota, but according to a press conference on January 21, 2021 by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, was reported missing out of Colorado Springs in 1975. Her companion was from Pennsylvania and was also reported missing in 1975.


  • Brown hair.
  • Hazel or bluish-gray eyes.
  • Olive complexion.
  • Two moles on the side of her face, near her mouth.
  • A mole behind the left leg.
  • Naturally long eyelashes.
  • Unshaven legs.

Clothing and jewelry[]

  • An "unbleached" blouse.
  • Pink halter top.
  • Blue denim cutoff shorts.
  • A floral scarf used as a belt.
  • Pink flip-flop sandals.
  • Three distinct rings.