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Palm Beach County John Doe was a man whose remains where found in Florida. He had been handcuffed and shot in the back.


The victim's body was found with an unidentified male and female on private property on July 14, 1982.

The victim was wrapped mummy-style with several articles of clothing, bed linen, and plastic and tied to a blue and gold inflatable life raft with a garbage bag covering his head. The wrapping was held together by a clothesline, window cord(s), and fishing lines.

Investigators believed that the murder of the three victims was drug-related and that they were killed somewhere else before dumped in the reservoir.


  • Tattoo on the posterior left shoulder of the initials "ZDM" in a diamond shape
  • Tattoo on the anterior left shoulder of a snake with a woman's head and the words "Asi eres tu"
    • "Asi eres tu" in Spanish translates to "That's how you are"
  • Black hair
  • Thick black Fu Man Chu mustache and long mutton chop sideburns

Clothing and accessories

  • Plain Pocket brand blue jeans and wide black leather belt (size 32)
  • Gold ring with white stones surrounding a pink stone worn on the left ring finger
  • Gold chain with one black and one yellow metal cat charm attached
  • Silver National Semiconductor Chronograph wristwatch, worn on the left wrist
  • Aquarius medallion key ring with four keys