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This individual's NamUs file has recently been removed. While this implies the resolution of a case, no identification has been confirmed at this time.

Otero County John Doe was a man whose partial skeletal remains were found in one of Fort Bliss's training areas by a game warden walking in the vicinity.


On the morning of January 10th, 2021, a New Mexico game warden walking in the proximity of the McGregor Training Complex at Fort Bliss and Highway 506 when they came across partial skeletal remains on the land. Immediately, Fort Bliss military police cordoned off the area and began an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the decedent's death. While the area is in the proximity of a U.S. Army training center, the expansive desert area the male was found in is said to be accessible to the public alongside a Border Patrol checkpoint being 3 miles away from the location.

While Fort Bliss had reported a soldier missing in July 2020, it is not believed that the remains belong to the missing man, nor do they believe the death of the decedent was foul play.

In March 2021, a second set of remains were found in the same area in a similar condition, though these remains are not believed to be connected to the decedent or the missing soldier. There are currently no further details on the second set of remains.