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Orange Jane Doe was a teenager or young woman whose skeletal remains were recovered from an abandoned carriage house in 2019.

She is believed to have been deceased for a number of years prior to her discovery.

Her cause of death was unable to be determined, owing to the state of her remains. However, due to a rope or a string found wrapped around her neck, strangulation is suspected and her death has been ruled a homicide.

Clothing and Accessories

  • A red/burgundy and black-colored wig
  • 'Mezzan' blouse
  • Padded 'XOXO' bra, size small
  • Pink 'Victoria's Secret' panties, size small
  • One green sock and one pink sock
  • Silver tongue ring
  • Large hoop earrings
  • Black beaded choker-style necklace with a matching ankle bracelet
  • Two-toned silver and gold 'Vanity Fair' wristwatch
  • Acrylic fingernails colored in pink with both pink and silver sparkles