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Oneida County John Doe was a male located in Harshaw, Wisconsin in 2000. He may have originally been from Pennsylvania.


  • He was likely right-handed.
  • He may have worked a job or activities requiring heavy lifting.
  • He had six lumbar vertebrae, as opposed to the normal five.
  • He appeared to have suffered trauma in the past:
    • Evidence of injury to the left lower-leg
    • Previous infection to the right collar bone (five or more years prior).
    • Healed trauma to the right pelvic area.

Clothing and accessories

  • White jockey-style underwear (size 34).
  • Dark-colored sweatpants with drawstring and pockets (size M).
  • Green wool type socks.
  • Pullover black colored shirt.
  • Pullover-style sweatshirt with a white-colored square pictorial of mountains and an insignia "West" on the front.
  • Wear Guard dark solid-colored pullover style sweatshirt.
  • David Taylor white pullover style T-shirt (size L).
  • Light blue colored New Balance athletic shoes (size 10-1/2).
  • A Hemp material necklace with a gold-colored ring hanging from it.
  • Pair of sunglasses.
  • Blue backpack.
  • Blue sleeping bag.
  • There was a possible portion of a Pennsylvania Drivers License or ID card.
  • Stuffed blue rabbit.
  • Large hunting-type knife.
  • Multiple pain medications.
  • There was also a pair of glasses with an unknown prescription.