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Oneida County Jane Doe was a female whose partial skull was discovered in Two Mile Canyon near Malad, Idaho in 1986.

In October 2021, the Oneida County Sheriff's Office partnered with Othram, Inc in order to identify the decedent.


The partial skull lacking a mandible was discovered in late 1986 by hunters. Five years prior, two other girls were found in the area, both homicide victims, who had disappeared in 1978 from the Pocatello area. Authorities have acknowledged a possibility that the crimes were related. The disappearance of Lynette Culver (a potential Ted Bundy victim) is also speculated to be related to the cases.

Reconstruction depicting White characteristics

Examination of the skull indicated the victim died due to being repeatedly struck with a blunt object. Initial reports state she was between 12 and 16 years old with a possible Black and White admixture. A 2006 examination later indicated she may have been White.

The skull was misplaced by law enforcement and was unable to be located for years, until it resurfaced in 2018. Further analysis on the remains is pending.