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Oettingen Jane Doe was a young woman whose remains were found alongside Oettingen Jane Doe in 1995.


The victim was found with in a forest near Oettingen, Bavaria, Germany. She is presumed to have died around late July or the beginning of August 1995. Her clothing had previously been determined to have been made in Hungary, although it is unconfirmed whether they originated in this location.

Isotope analysis indicated the woman had only been in Germany for about two to three years before she were presumably murdered. A cab driver eventually reported to police that he had possibly given the unidentified women and two men to where they later entered a dark-colored Mercedes car. Another witness stated she met the women hitchhiking, with plans to travel to Donauwörth.


  • Dark brown to black hair
  • Slender body type



  • A knit "Araxa" polyester, long-sleeved, purple and blue dress
    • Manufactured in Hungary and possibly sold across eastern Europe