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Nicky Barclay
NCMC802112c1.jpgProgressed to 26
Age 13
Race White
Sex Male
Location San Antonio, Texas
Disappeared June 13, 1994
Missing for 27 years
Height 4'8
Weight 80 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Nicholas "Nicky" Patrick Barclay was a teenage boy who disappeared in 1994 in Texas. Frédéric Bourdin assumed Nicky's identity in 1997, but was later revealed to be a serial impostor. Foul play is considered a possibility regarding Nicky's disappearance.


Nicky was last seen in after playing basketball. Serial impostor Frédéric Bourdin later assumed Nicky's identity in 1997, and lived with Nicky's family, until his fingerprints were found to differ from Nicky's. Bourdin was subsequently incarcerated for 6 years, and Nicky's relatives garnered suspicion from the police for possible involvement in his disappearance. Nicky's mother was addicted to heroin during the time of his disappearance, and failed her third polygraph test. Regardless, Nicky has never been located.