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Niagara County Jane Doe was a woman who was found in Niagara Falls, New York in 2003.


The woman was discovered with multiple blunt force injuries to her head, face and neck and was also severely burnt. She was located inside a burning building, which had allegedly been set in order to cover up her murder. A gasoline container was found near her body.

Jewelry and accessories

  • Necklace with heart and cross that hung from a gold-link chain.
  • Two gold rope necklaces - one thick and one thin.
  • A gold link bracelet made with a series of three small, round links and a big oval link.
  • A silver-colored toe ring that had raised heart shapes.
  • A purse that included items suggesting she was a hypodermic user. Other items included a business card from a Home Improvement business from Russ's Bait Shop in Buffalo, New York.