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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

New Haven County John Doe was a male discovered in 1923.


On August 9, 1923, the badly decomposed remains of an unknown male were found on Milford Townpike in West Haven near the New Haven County Home. The victim appeared to have been gagged, strangled and shot twice in the chest.

Carl Panzram admitted to the torture, rape, and murder of the victim. Panzram described him to be around sixteen and was the son or nephew of a New York policeman. According to a contemporary newspaper account, because of the conditions of the remains of "John Doe", the local coroner ordered them to be encoffined and buried as soon as possible.{No place of burial was given however logically it was probably in the county Poor farm cemetery for unknowns and indigents}


  • Brown hair.
  • According to Panzram, he may have been of Jewish descent.
  • In various versians Panzram claimed this murder took place in either June or July 1923 about 1-2 months before the victium was found. He also claimed he came across the victium who was begging beside the road.


  • He wore a brown, striped suit.
  • A chauffeur's cap was found under one arm.