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New Castle County John Doe was a male found deceased in Delaware in 1978, as a result of natural causes.


On April 8, 1978, the decedent was located at a landfill in the 600 Block of Terminal Avenue in Wilmington, DE. His skull, chest and hips were found on laying on top of a black rubber car mat and pink throw rug. While his leg bones and size 32 blue bleached pants were found about 11 feet away.

Initially, he was thought to be a local teenager named John "Jay" Ashley, who disappeared from Wilmington in 1971, but this was later ruled out via DNA.


  • Severe pelvic deformity that would have caused the decedent in life to have walked with a pronounced limp on the right side.
  • Evidence of several healed fractures on the right side of his body.
  • All teeth present without fillings or restorations of any kind.


  • A Kent- Collection By Arrow bleached blue, long-sleeved shirt which was rolled up around the elbow region.
  • A pair of blue, bleached pants with a tag that read "Made in Hong Kong" (Size 32)
  • Printed, jersey undershorts.