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Natalie Leonhard is a girl who went missing on June 13, 1996 from Überherrn (near Saarbrücken), Germany.


Natalie was detained at school on June 13, 1996. Her mother waited for her at her grandmother's house with lunch, but she never arrived.

Natalie had a dubious circle of friends who experimented with drugs. On June 14, 1996 Natalie was allegedly seen by an acquaintance. Another acquaintance stated that he saw her in Saarbrücken that day and dropped her off to buy drugs. However, this information has not been verified.


  • Dark brown or black hair.
  • Pageboy cut.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Slim.


  • Black jumper boots.
  • Black t-shirt.
  • Brown "Home-Boy-Jeans".
  • Purple-blue friendship bracelets on the right wrist.
  • Bundeswehr backpack with signatures of friends.