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Morrison John Doe was a man killed in Colorado and found in 1977. He may have been seen alive prior to being found.


Morrison John Doe was found in a military, mummy style sleeping bag approximately 100 feet over the embankment from US Highway 285 in Jefferson County, Colorado on February 13, 1977. An investigation revealed that the man may have been seen alive at the nearby Twin Forks Motel in Tiny Town in December 1976. The man, who is believed to be John Doe, showed up with several minor cuts on his face. He explained that he had been in a fight with his brother who made him get out of the car. He used the phone but failed to reach anyone. Since it was a very cold night and he was dressed lightly a witness lent him a coat. He returned not long afterwards with his brother to return the coat. It is unclear if this incident is related to John Doe's case.


  • Dark brown to black hair.
  • He had no hair on his chest or abdomen.
  • He had black pubic hair and hair on his lower legs and toes.
  • His right testicle was not identified.

Clothing and accessories

  • A beige checkered Hanes T-shirt.
  • A brown leather belt.
  • Hanes cotton boxer shorts.
  • A military sleeping bag.