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Moray John Doe was a man whose skeletal remains were found at Kiveachy Moor in Moray, Scotland.


  • Had false teeth.
  • Medium build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Plastic raincoat, full length.
  • Green and black tweed.
  • Dark long-sleeved pullover.
  • Brown striped tie with a green stripe.
  • Green waterproof trousers with a pair of gray trousers worn underneath it.
  • Fore-and-aft hat.
  • Brown shoes.
  • 'Tissot' wrist watch, #739969 with a leather strap on the left waist.


  • Leather wallet containing 3 keys and a pocket knife.
  • A spectacle case which contains bi-focals made from Germany.
  • 'Walther' automatic pistol, #875412, wrapped in green plastic.
  • 'Ronson' brand cigarette lighter.
  • 'Senior Service' cigarette pocket.
  • Haversock.
  • An empty 'Pepsi' bottle.