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Montreal John Doe was a man found floating in the St. Lawrence River near the Port of Montreal wharf.


  • Black or grey hair.
  • Medium build.
  • Has no teeth and dental prosthesis in the maxillary.
  • Has a scar from an appendix-operation on the hips.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black cotton t-shirt, with "BEAT MOLSON DRY" or "BEAT STAFF MOLSON DRY" written on.
  • Black 'Toricci' denim jeans (Size 24).
  • Black-hooded nylon coat with synthetic lining (sheep imitation), size medium.
  • Black leather belt.
  • Brown 'Isolated 120 Plus Prospector' boots with laces.
  • Metal 'Casio' watch.
  • Brown wooden cross pendant with leather cord.
  • Black leather bracelet.
  • Socks with a green top and gray feet.