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Montreal John Doe was man found deceased behind a Canada Post office on Bridge Street in the bushes near a railway track and bike path.


  • Shoulder length, brown hair.
  • Healthy teeth.
  • A healed nose fracture that might've deformed the right side of his nose.
  • A scar was on one of his cheeks.

Clothing and accessories

  • John Doe was found in a sleeping bag.
  • A bag of Ruffles chips.
  • A dark blue and red Sprayway coat.
  • A grey and black Mist Mountain sweater in a size XXL.
  • Green DriWEAR leggings.
  • Blue, denim San Francisco brand women's pants, size 13.
  • Black, low socks.
  • Black and yellow Saucony running shoes in a men's size 10.