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Montreal John Doe was a man who was found deceased in the St. Lawrence River, on the banks of the Bellerive Park.


  • Brown and white, short hair.
  • A brown and grey goatee.
  • Grey eyes.
  • Visibly chipped teeth.
  • A one-centimeter skin tag was in the middle of the right side of his back.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black, NASCAR racing cap with "Dupont Motor Sport" on top.
  • Black President Stone coat in a size XL and with a hood.
  • Dark blue and red, cotton, checkered shirt sized XXL had has "Street Legal" written on it.
  • Black cotton t-shirt.
  • A blue shirt.
  • Cream and ivory, cotton gloves.
  • A brown, leather belt.
  • Denim, blue Transit pants.
  • Black Jox underwear in a size medium.
  • Dark blue, cotton socks.
  • Black, leather Dakota boots in a size ten and with a yellow sole.


  • A new cigarette pack was in his coat's right pocket.
  • A silver, aluminum, and stainless steel Milano watch on his left wrist.
  • Near his body was a black and grey backpack, which contained:
    • Additional clothes
    • An English copy of the book Lord of the Rings by J.J.R. Tolkien.