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Montreal John Doe was a man found deceased near La Maison du Père (translates to "Father's House"), a homeless shelter for men. However, he wasn't recognised by anyone a part of the organization.


  • Short, black hair.
  • His beard was shorter than his moustache.
  • Maroon eyes.
  • Visible decay was on his teeth.
  • Medium build.
  • His complexion was light.
  • He had arthosclerotic heart disease, which previously required a bypass.
  • He had two scars:
    • One on his left ankle.
    • One on his sternum.


  • Black Michaudville hat.
  • T-shirt reading "L'heure Plaisir," which translates to "Fun Time."
  • Medium sized Sportek pants.
  • Blue Watson underwear.
  • Black socks.
  • Grey and blue Sportek running shoes in a size 9.