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Montgomery County John Doe was a man who was discovered in Pennsylvania in 2009. It is believed he died from a drug overdose, based on evidence of habitual use.


The man's remains were located in a wooded area in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. No signs of trauma were observed.

He was previously listed as Black or Biracial until DNA phenotyping suggested he was of European and Middle Eastern descent.


  • He had graying hair and stubble.
  • DNA phenotyping suggested he had brown eyes.
  • Damage to the nasal area suggested he used illegal drugs.
  • He had signs of arthritis or a similar condition in his spine and left hip from a previous injury.
  • He had plantaritis on his feet.
  • Because of these medical problems, he may have walked with a noticeable limp. 

Clothing and accessories

  • Trousers
  • Jockey underwear
  • A pair of socks
  • Black shoes which were either loosely fastened or untied.