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Milton Menzies
Age 66
Race White
Sex Male
Location Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
Disappeared November 25, 1999
Missing for 22 years
Height 6'
Weight 181 pounds
Classification Suspected accident

Milton Menzies (Born 1933) was a man who disappeared alongside Katy Mitchell and Mary Sinclair.


Katy and Mary were passengers on a single engine Cherokee 140 flying from Poplar River to Fairford First Nation. The pilot was Milton, who was a retired Air Canada pilot that regularly flew to northern Manitoba as a missionaire. At 10:30 A.M., Milton sent out two distress calls due to engine troubles; the plane was heading for the water and he was attempting to land on Reindeer Island.

Several parties carried out a massive search by air, but could not search the water due to the amount of ice. The trio was presumed dead not long after their disappearance; they likely died either from drowning or from the impact of the crash.