Millie (2009)

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"Millie" was a woman found deceased in a tent by an individual traveling through a wooded area near the Trans-Canada Highway.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


  • She had a petite build and was physically active.
  • She had brown or dark blonde shoulder-length hair.
  • She possibly had dental braces in her adulthood.
  • She had spots on her lower teeth, possibly indicating she may have been a smoker.
  • She'd received extensive jaw surgery in her twenties to push her lower jaw back and bring her front jaw forward.
    • The surgery method consisted of cutting her jaw bones and wiring them together, an outdated method that was performed 20-30 years before she died. Because of this, wire sutures were in her jawbones.


  • A grey, wool sweater.
  • A black, long-sleeved shirt.
  • A grey, cotton undershirt with thin straps and a built-in sports bra. 
  • Wool gloves.
  • Blue, denim Midtown jeans in a size 6.
  • Grey leggings with lace trim around the bottom.
  • Cotton, black Jockey underwear in a size 5.
  • Grey, wool socks.
  • Thin, cotton, white socks.
  • A pair of Rugged Outback shoes that were black, ankle-length, and in a size 5.


  • Brown, oval-shaped glasses with a rimmed top and rimless bottom.
  • One hooped earring.
  • A yellow, blue, and pink string beaded necklace with a magnetic clip.
  • $75.00 in Canadian bills and $2.84 in Canadian coins.
  • A container with 13 Pfizer pills inside.
  • A two-pack of Back and Muscle pain relief pills.
  • A hardcover copy of A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby.
    • Inside the book was a bookmark from McNally-Robinson's bookstores.
  • A black duffel bag.
  • A hibachi stove that caused her death from carbon monoxide poisoning.


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