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Michael Jefferson Adams (born March 28, 1969) is a missing young man from Texas. Adams' latest age progression depicts him at 29.


Adam was last seen by his sister at 11:30 p.m. on the day of his disappearance. He had just returned to his family residence on Peach Street after having completed his shift as a clerk at the M-System Food Store on 12th and Mockingbird Street.

He'd just parked his red Datsun 280ZX and was standing next to a dark-colored model two-door vehicle with opera windows in the back and a possible malfunctioning headlight. The car in question may have been a 1973 - 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Cutlass or Oldsmobile Toronado. Adams was leaning into the car and talking with its occupant or occupants and he didn't appear apprehensive.

Although his sister assumed he went to bed after that conversation, he was discovered missing in the morning. The bed did not appear to have been slept in. His wallet was found on his bedroom floor but he had evidently left it at the house the previous morning when he went to work that day. His Datsun was parked in the driveway but it was blocking his parents' car which was unusual as he'd usually switch them around after returning home from work.

Two people have been questioned as potential owners of the other car seen on the night of his disappearance. One was a coworker of Adams and the other a friend and former classmate. One passed a polypgraphs test while the results for the other one proved inconclusive.

He is presumed murdered and was declared legally dead in 1994. Drugs are considered unlikely to have played a role in his disappearance and presumed murder.