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Michael Rainey was a teenager who was found shot to death in 1996 after running away from home. His remains were located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to his 1999 identification, he was known as "Tower John Doe."


Rainey ran away from home on August 20, 1996 in Henderson, Nevada. Months later, on November 2, his skeletal remains were found, buried in a desert area. It was determined he was killed by a shot to the head, but his body was initially believed to be female, until future examination confirmed he was male.

NCMEC provided a facial reconstruction of the victim, which was aired on America's Most Wanted, hosted by the organization's co-founder, John Walsh. A tip was reported that suggested the reconstruction resembled Rainey, and a match was later confirmed via dental comparison in August 1999. His murder has yet to be solved.