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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Miami-Dade County Doe was a murder victim whose remains were located in south Florida. Evidence found near the location of the body suggests that the decedent may have been transgender.


The mostly-unclothed body of the deceased was located on the side of the road. The victim, whose remains were extremely decomposed to the point of being partially skeletal, had been murdered by several gunshot wounds to the head and mouth at least several weeks prior to being discovered.


  • Brown and gray hair, about 1" long
  • Deceased was balding
  • Eye color is unknown due to decomposition

Clothing and accessories

  • The victim was found wearing a pair of red bikini briefs, which had been pulled down around their knees.
  • They were also wearing a white metal chain-link bracelet on their left ankle.
  • Part of a heel of a female shoe and unspecified articles of female clothing were located near the body.