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Melissa Brannen Featured case
Melissa Brannen.jpgProgressed to 21
Age 5
Race White
Sex Female
Location Lorton, Virginia
Disappeared December 3, 1989
Missing for 32 years
Height 3'
Weight 38 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Melissa Lee Brannen was a girl who was kidnapped at a Christmas party on December 3, 1989. A conviction for the abduction was made, yet it was not possible to bring forward a charge of murder since her remains were never located and she could not be proven to be deceased. Melissa is believed to have been murdered, although her mother remains hopeful.


  • Melissa's case was shown on an episode of The FBI Files.
  • She was briefly shown on an episode of The New Detectives when the process of age progression was depicted in the LSU FACES lab.
  • Forensic Files also covered the case.