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Mecklenburg County John Doe was a teenage boy who was found in a Southern railway boxcar in Mecklenburg, North Carolina on September 25, 1932. He was crushed to death when steel beams in the train car rolled around and landed on him when he slept. Despite hundred of people observing him, his postmortem photograph being shown in the Charlotte Observer, and authorities receiving telegrams and calls from several states, no one was able to identify him.

The King's Daughter, a charitable organization, raised money to organize a funeral for the victim. A local woman named Mrs. R.E. Polk provided the victim a funeral suit. Reverend Herbert Snaugh of the Myers Park Moravian church conducted the funeral with the local Boy Scouts acting as pallbearers. The victim was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte.


  • Coat with a label from a store in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Clothing was unmarked.