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Martina was a possible German immigrant found deceased in California in 2005. She lived as a transient for about two weeks before her death. She was identified in August 2020.


Additional sketch

  • She had green eyes.
  • She had brown hair with blond highlights.
  • Two cysts were found on the left wrist.
  • She had a tattoo with the words "Thank you" on her left hand with miscellaneous symbols.

Clothing and accessories

  • She wore a blue and white striped sweater.
  • Several layers of long-sleeve and t-shirts.
  • She wore blue jeans.
  • White-metal earrings.
  • A plastic necklace.
  • A chain containing charms and a yellow-metal padlock.
  • She wore four rings.
    • A silver-colored ring.
    • Three rings that had a yellow, red and green stone.