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Markham Doe was a young adult or middle-aged individual found deceased in Ontario in 1980. Women's clothing located at the scene has led investigators to believe the decedent was most likely transgender.


Detective Douglas Clark of York's Police Department had stated that this Doe was almost certainly a homicide victim of infamous 'hedonistic' serial killer named James Henry Greenidge from Gravenhurst, Ontario. 

In 2009, a lead regarding the possible match between the decedent and a man who had been missing from Ontario as of December 1977, Mario Palermo, was investigated by Detective Clark on behalf of York Police, as referenced above. Subsequent DNA analysis had been performed, revealing that the match had proven negative, and has therefore since been ruled out. 


  • Medium to dark brown hair, about 4 inches long.
  • The decedent was of slim build with "poorly" developed muscles.
  • Some dental fillings and missing teeth. The decedent also had stains on their posterior teeth consistent with that of smoking cigarettes.

Clothing and accessories

Note: The clothing found was in the vicinity of, but not on, the body.

  • Woman's red shirt.
  • White ribbed, frilled socks.
  • Red or pink high heels with a flap and bow.
  • Women's blue jeans, Brittania brand, with a 29" inseam and 30" waist.
  • A powder compact with a mirror.