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{{DEFAULTSORT:Ashland, Mark}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Ashland, Mark}}
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Mark Ashland
Age 27
Race White
Sex Male
Location Seattle, Washington
Disappeared September 4, 1981
Missing for 40 years
Height 5'10 to 5'11
Weight 160-170 pounds
Classification Not stated

Mark Lawrence Ashland was a man who disappeared from Seattle in 1981. 


Ashland, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, moved to Washington five years before he disappeared. He generally took jobs involving driving. He has not made contact with family since 1981, despite their efforts to locate him


  • Long, black hair
    • Sideburns
  • Brown eyes


  • Ashland typically wore the following:
    • Blue jeans
    • Button-down and/or tee shirts
    • A leather jacket