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Mario was the possible name of a teenager found murdered in 1986. He was possibly native to Mexico.


The decedent was located in an open field 225 yards south of Stroud Avenue in the Simpson area in Kingsburg, California. He had been stabbed in the throat and it's believed he died on August 18 or 19. He was the first person to be killed in Kingsburg in almost 4 years.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the decedent had been killed the day prior in a residence on 2550 Simpson Street, not far from where his body was found. He had reportedly been sparring with 25 year old Pedro Pallacios, a former El Salvadoran soldier, and during the fight, Pedro became angry and stabbed Mario. Following this, Pedro fled the scene and became a fugitive, but he was arrested on September 7, following multiple tips regarding his location. It is unknown what happened to Pedro afterwards.

The decedent was reportedly 18 years old, and employed as a farm worker. It is believed that he traveled to Kingsburg on August 16, possibly from La Costa, a mountaneous region between Oceanside and Encinitas in Southern California. He may have been from Mexico and possibly went by the name Mario, possibly as an alias.

Clothing and accessories

  • A red pullover shirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Blue stocking socks
  • White jogging shoes
  • A blue-colored makeup compact was near the body
  • A black comb made of plastic was also nearby