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Marin County John Doe was a man that witnessed to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge. A United States Coast Guard vessel recovered the man and transported him to U.S. Coast Guard Station Golden Gate.


  • Short, gray hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • The mans face, neck, and lower arms (from elbow to fingertips) are darker in color than his upper arms, chest, and legs.
  • Scant amount of body hair on his legs and arms.
  • Gray stubble around his chin.
  • He wore glasses.


  • Black fleece zip-up sweatshirt with SF in silver and the Golden Gate Bridge embroidered on it (Size XL).
  • Black cloth jacket.
  • Two red sweatshirts.
  • White sweatdhirt with "America the spirit" on it, along with 12 red stars with a small “Maze” logo.
  • Dark blue sweatshirt.
  • Black long sleeved black 32-degrees Heat shirt (Size XL).
  • Teal Gap collared polo shirt (Size L).
  • Gray t-shirt on which was printed “Investment Development Services” on the front and “Collect Rent Lease Space” on the back (Size XL).
  • Levi’s Regular Fit 505 Blue jeans (W34xL30) and a black leather belt.
  • White cotton socks.
  • Gray Hunter brand briefs (Size M).