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Marin County John Doe was a child found deceased in Mill Valley, California.


On June, 20, 1974 the skull, vertebrae and ribs of a child where found in Mill Valley, California near the Mill Valley Golf course. The child did not appear to have been buried. There where no obvious clues as to how he had died and there where no signs that he had been abused or malnourished in life.

The child was originally thought to be female before DNA testing proved he was male.


• He had a blue-gray discolouration on his teeth, possibly due to the use of antibiotics or tetracyclines.

• He was considered small for his age.

• He had brown hair.

Clothing and accessories

• Olive green windbreacker or ski coat with a hood.

• Red ladybug one and a half inch stick pin.

• Blue T-shirt.

• Green and white striped knit type shirt.