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Marie Laliberte
Marie Laliberte.gif
Age 47
Race First Nations
Sex Female
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Disappeared January 1, 1997
Missing for 24 years
Height 5'6"
Weight 119 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Marie Lorna Laliberte (born July 11 or November 7, 1949) was a woman who was last seen on New Years Day in 1997. Some websites refer to her as Maria Laura Laliberte.


  • She had brown eyes
  • Brown, curly, short hair
  • Thin build
  • Light complexion
  • Tattoo of a flower on her left shoulder.

Prior to disappearance

Marie's hometown was Beauval, Saskatchewan and has also lived in Edmonton, Alberta.

She was known to use the names Kim Gertrude, Lorraine, Marie Laura, Marie Lauria, Marie Laurie/Lori.

She is also known to use surnames Bouvier, Cannon, Hallette, Harder, Keller, Laurie, Realf, Wilkinson, and Zaederey.

Additionally, the first names Marie Pat, Kim, Patricia Marie, and Rose Marie were also used by Laliberte.


The last person to see Marie was her resource worker. Marie wasn't reported missing until March 8, 2002, due to limited communication with her family and lack of social life.

Marie was living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside before she vanished. She had a drug addiction at the time of her disappearance and was also described to have a high-risk lifestyle. She is speculated to be a victim of Robert Pickton.