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Maricopa County John Doe is a man who was found in Laveen, Arizona. 


The victim was found in a canal near 51st Avenue and Elliot Road on the Gila River Indian Reservation. He may have fingerprints on file, but they were too decomposed to be collected. His dentals are available and his DNA is being waited on to be uploaded into the CODIS database. He is buried at the White Tanks Cemetery in Goodyear, Arizona as "John G. Doe". Few details are available in his case.


  • Brown hair and eyes.
  • Mustaches and a beard of stubble present.
  • Thin build.
  • Healed fractured nose. 
  • Amputated toe; which one is unspecified. 
  • Unspecified dental work present.


The following individuals have been ruled out per NamUs:

Clothing and Accessories

  • Light-colored Oneita football jersey with the inscription "Pride 97" in red letters, (size xL 46-48).
  • ​​​​ Black Insaniteaz T-shirt with the inscription "Arizona",  geometric purple and green pattern, and a tage saying "Parker, Arizona", (size xL).
  • Blue and black sweat-type shorts with a red inscription on the left lower leg of "Garrett" in cursive lettering and the underlying inscription of "Allied Signal Aerospace".
  • Branders blue jeans, (size 28x32).
  • Dark brown or black basket-weave leather belt with the white metal buckle.
  • White socks.
  • White Nucleus high-top tennis shoes with black and blue trim, (size 12, was made in China).
  • No jewelry was present.
  • Knife sheath.