Maricopa County John Doe (1973)

Maricopa County John Doe was a man who was found in a desert area under some debris that had been dumped earlier by construction workers near 51st Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road in Glendale, Arizona on December 29, 1973. Few details are available in his case.


  • Greying sandy straight hair that appears to be balding.
  • Upper and lower dentures that are very rare and seldom used, probably made between 1958 and 1961.

Clothing and accessories

  • Long-sleeve white shirt, size 14/33.
  • Jockey shorts, size 30.
  • Undershirt.
  • Striped pants.
  • Green socks.
  • Red key with either "B 43" or "8 43" on it.



  1. Although no sources state this, the intersection of 51st Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road is located in Glendale, Arizona per Google Maps.
  2. The Doe Network and Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office states states his age range is unknown.
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