Maricopa County Jane Doe (July 2020)

Maricopa County Jane Doe was a woman who was found unresponsive in a park.

She was identified in May 2021 after her family recognized her sketch a month before.

By the request of her family, she will not have her identity released.


  • Blond/Strawberry hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Linear scars on right foot.
  • She had two tattoos:
    • Monochromatic cursive tattoo of "With Pain Comes Strength" on left upper chest.
    • Monochromatic tattoo of a design with small stars on left calf.
Maricopa County Jane Doe2020.jpg
Reconstruction by Stephen Missal


  • Blue and white long-sleeved horizontally striped hoodie/sweater dress.
  • Navy v-neck "scrub"-style top.
  • Gray/black sweat-material shorts with Abercrombie brand on side.
  • Blue and white checked boxers.


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