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Marianne or Mary Ann was a young transgender woman who serial killer Samuel Little confessed to killing in 1971 or 1972 in Miami, Florida.


In 2018, Samuel Little confessed to killing a black transgender female in Miami in 1971 or 1972. He said he met her at a bar called The Pool or The Pool Palace near 17th Avenue in Miami. She said her name was "Marianne" or "Mary Ann". A few days later, they met at another bar in Overtown where she accepted an offer from Little to drive her home in Liberty City. "Marianne" lived with several roommates between Liberty City and Brownsville. She also mentioned she had a boyfriend whose name was "Wes". When they arrived at the residence, one of the roommates asked if they could buy them some shaving cream.

Little and "Marianne" returned to his stepfather’s car, a gold 4-door Pontiac LeMans and drove north on Highway 27. He then killed her on the driveway, possibly near a sugarcane field. Little then drove further on the highway and entered the Everglades, specifically Alligator Alley and drove into a dirt road that led to a swamp or a river. He then dragged the victim’s body 200 yards before leaving it in the thick muddy water. He does not believe her body was found due to lack of news coverage.

Between 1970-2005, Little killed up to 90 women who were involved in drugs or prostitution. He has been convicted of eight murders in three states and linked to sixty-one additional murders. While this victim’s body has not been recovered or confirmed, all of Little’s confessions are considered credible. The investigation into Little’s crimes are ongoing.