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"Maria" is the possible name of a woman whose body was found in the Mediterranean Sea near northwestern Sicily on January 2, 2001. A piece of her jewelry suggests she may have ties to South America.


The decedent was found floating in the Mediterranean, between the island of Levanzo and the reef Maraone on January 2, 2001. This area is near the city of Trapani in Sicily. Her case was shown on the Italian TV program "Chi l'ha Visto?" later that year. During this, a Brazilian viewer called in after recognizing the piece of jewelry she wore, specifically 2 trinkets. She claimed they were given to mothers and grandmothers by children; since 2 were found, she would have either 2 children or grandchildren.


  • She had a stocky/robust build.
  • She may have given birth.

Clothing and accessories

  • Dark brown or purple pajamas.
  • White underwear.
  • These items are reported to be of high quality and were all made in Italy.
  • Necklace with nameplate, "Maria".
  • Necklace with a trinket shaped like a girl.
  • Ring with a green stone.
  • Two bracelets.