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Margret Celeste "Margie" Dodd was a woman who disappeared after leaving work on September 7, 1977. She had previously been declared dead in 1984.


Dodd had stopped her vehicle about four miles from leaving her job as a bank teller. A car pulled up behind her and she was seen by witnesses to have been forced into the car. Investigators later revealed they were looking for three suspects in the abduction.

A series of kidnappings and sexual assaults in the area at the time leading up to her abduction might have been related to her case.

A man claimed to have been responsible or "connected" to her abductor or abductors and called Dodd's parents three times, claiming she was being held against her will in her hometown of Akron, Ohio and previously in another state. He demanded $10,000 as a ransom. The man was killed by FBI agents after he threatened to kill one of the group members. Authorities are unsure whether or not he was truthful with his statements.


Dodd's remains were found in November 1993 on an embankment at the base of Bolt Mountain, West Virginia, located in Raleigh County. Examiners estimated that the victim had died in the early 1980s, rather than 1977 when Dodd was abducted. There was also a difference in the victim's estimated height and weight. Her age was determined to be between 27 and 33. The skeleton was clothed in blue cotton socks, gray hip-hugger slacks, a gray sweater and high heels. An engagement ring was also found along with a watch and a set of keys.


It was announced on July 17, 2017 that Dodd was identified as an unidentified skeleton discovered on the base of Bolt Mountain in 1993. Family members had noted similarities between the belongings with the remains and that of their missing relative. Mitochondrial DNA testing was conducted and later matched.